New Starts

It has been a week since I returned from honeymoon, and it seems as though winter has arrived in London – in July!

After a week spent seeing buffalo, hippos and lions in Tanzania, I can now spy one mangy-looking fox from my home office window sitting on the roof of the neighbour’s shed.

Yet, there’s no time for post-holiday blues. I’ve got lots to look forward to. More yoga classes to plan and teach, more articles to write…and…no wedmin to distract me.

I’m teaching a couple of new classes over the next few weeks. I’ll be at Jiva Health in Wimbledon covering Silvia’s Power Yoga class on Tuesday evenings for the next two weeks, as well as continuing to teach at Belgrave Hall in Wimbledon Village at 9.30am every Wednesday.

Keep an eye on the class schedule for further new classes, including a couple of possible appearances over in Brixton again. I am also taking on more private clients for yoga teaching at home. Do give me a shout if you are interested.

In the meantime, I am going to try and keep some of the wedding and holiday vibe alive this summer by….

1) Eating more mangoes and mango smoothies. Fresh fruit platters full of mangoes, pineapples and passion fruit every morning were the best.

2) Reducing Instagram scrolling. There was barely any wifi on holiday, so there was far less mindless scrolling going on, far less comparing myself with others – and much much more book reading. I felt less anxious about what everyone else was doing, and my brain was more fully engaged and present by reading an actual book.

3) Introducing Sundowners to my life. Why is it only on holiday we plan when and how we will watch the sun go down? A G&T while watching the sunset across African plains full of baboons and impala was pretty spectacular.  Why don’t we take time out of our day to appreciate the sunsets in London? (with or without the gin and tonic :-))

4) Buying myself flowers. I’m not sure why, but I treated myself this week and it was a great way to lift my spirits and remind me of the beautiful flowers at the wedding.

5) Planning the next holiday….







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