Private Classes

I offer a range of one-on-one private yoga packages. If you want individual attention in your home at a time that suits you, I am happy to discuss a suitable plan for you.

Perhaps you are a busy mum or dad that finds it hard to commit to a class, or perhaps you are new to yoga and want to build your confidence at home before taking yourself to a studio.

Maybe there’s a specific area of yoga you are struggling with. Flexibility might be something you want to target, or you might really want to master the chaturanga.

Each programme of classes will consist of a minimum of five sessions that must be used within a two-month period. We’ll work out what your needs are and create a space in your home for you to flourish in your yoga practice.

Prices start from £50 per hour (depending on what package of classes you buy).

If you want more details on pricing and packages, please don’t hesitate to email me on