I am a vinyasa yoga teacher with a regular yoga practice spanning more than a decade. I also teach pre and post-natal yoga.

I have a 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited vinyasa yoga training completed in 2015 and a 50-hour Post-graduate teacher training from the London-based organisation Sunday School Yoga. I have an 85-hour pregnancy and post-natal teacher training from Sally Parkes Yoga.

I am based in Earlsfield and mainly teach around the Earlsfield and Wimbledon area – though I do stray further afield sometimes.

I mainly teach a fluid flowing style of Vinyasa yoga. I teach people from beginner level and more advanced practitioners. I am developing a focus on supporting people who practice a lot of sport or train at lot in gym environments – and I am constantly honing my ‘yoga for athletes’ classes I offer on a weekly basis.

As well as an avid yogi, I am generally a very active person. I dance (contemporary and jazz are my favourites), run, take barre classes, sometimes weight train – and when I can squeeze it in I adore playing and learning new skills on hoops and silks. I’m always up for a challenge and to see what my body can do next.

My yoga practice has always complemented and supported me in all this activities as well as providing welcome respite from hours sat at my desk trying to hit various deadlines in my other job as a freelance business journalist.

My Yoga Style:

I tend teach a fairly strong practice – although adapted to the students in the class – meaning I like to get people moving. I always think people are more capable than they might first believe they are. BUT this isn’t mindless or overly fast movement where you just throw your body around the mat – rather I encourage focused strong movement with an awareness of the muscles you are using.

I believe that the more we all just get moving – the better. Movement will aid flexibility, strength and mobility.

I adapt my classes to all levels of experience and needs. I still hold true to the idea that fluid movement is a great way to gain mobility and flexibility.  Those who are less familiar to the practice are always given different options to explore.

My Hot Yoga classes at Fitness Space are conducted in a warm heated room. You will sweat – but you won’t be drowning in it! The heat certainly does require you to work with an increased sense of focus! During winter, it is the ideal place to warm up!

My class is based on vinyasa flow – so it is still relatively fluid while being mindful we are doing this in heat – so we definitely take it a little slower. The class is open to all levels. Contact the studio directly to book.

My weekly Wimbledon class at William Morris House is a small group where we have the opportunity to break down postures with more detail and play around without feeling potentially as self-conscious or worried as you might be in bigger classes.

The overriding aim of this class is to make yoga accessible  – as well as build up a friendly community of yogis who like stretching and moving as much as they like having a coffee and cake post-class! Email me to book on becca@beccaspongyoga.com

My Yoga for Athletes class held on Sundays at UN1T in London Bridge is targeting those people who love to work out hard in their workouts.  It is designed for people who can’t get enough of HIIT style classes, weight-lifting or running but perhaps neglect to stretch and work on their mobility. It helps counter all that high intensity energy with an invitation to slow down, breathe and restore.

Through a mixture of dynamic movement and some longer holds, we mobilise and stretch key muscles that are often overworked after too many squats or burpees. Shoulders, hamstrings and hips are some of the key areas targeted.  As well as providing a chance for a stretch for tired muscles, the class also aims to work with athletes’ mindset – helping them pay close attention to the fine-tuning of their body.

Creating a greater sense of body awareness – rather than always pushing through pain – can (hopefully!) minimise the risk of injury as well as help the athlete identify areas of strength and areas that need a little more attention. Email Un1t directly for more information and purchase classes via their website.

Qualifications and Career Professional Development

  • 200-Hour Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali 2015  – Shades of Yoga
  • 50-hour Post-Graduate Diploma in London, February 2017 – Sunday School Yoga
  • 85-Hour Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga – July 2018 –  Sally Parkes Yoga

…..plus constant workshops, and regularly attending a range of different yoga classes – including an increasing love for Jivamukti-style classes.

I am a registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals.


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