Latest Events: Friday Night Candlelit Yoga

After a few months away – I have relaunched Livestream Friday Night Candlelit Yoga Class and the NEXT ONE will be on Friday 6th November.

If you’d like to sign up please head here.

The class is a donation-based class. I suggest a donation of between £5 and £8 – depending on circumstances. If that is beyond your current finances, do let me know and we can work something out.

The Candlelit session will start at 7.15pm and end around 8.30pm The gathering will include meditation, flowing yoga, deep relaxation/nidra style relaxation. I suggest making your space as comfy as possible with some blankets – and candles if possible. I will provide a Spotify playlist for you if you wish to play music. I hope you leave this session feeling as though any burdens from the week have been lifted from your shoulders and you can head straight to bed afterwards feeling truly rested.

Looking forward to seeing you again virtually soon!

Becca x

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